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Soso & Frieda


« Wowwie, Soso, je viens d’avoir une idée géniale ! »
« Frieda, ça ne tient vraiment pas debout… »

S’émerveiller de la beauté du monde. Savourer chaque instant. Laisser libre cours à une imagination débordante. Voici comment se passent les journées de Frieda, la petite souris des champs, et Soso, le petit Chihuahua.

L’amitié et les histoires de Soso et Frieda célèbrent l’émerveillement, l’ouverture d’esprit et la bienveillance. Les deux personnages éponymes et leurs amis pétillent de curiosité et de joie de vivre. Ils jettent un regard rafraîchissant, optimiste et constructif sur notre monde qui parfois, surtout récemment, peut sembler (et admettons-le, peut-être) assez sombre. Tout devient beauté, un rien encourage la réflexion, la discussion.  Chaque problème trouve solution, une solution probablement créative mais farfelue . Pour cette ribambelle, les petites choses du quotidien servent de prétexte pour s'amuser follement.

Amitiés durables, espièglerie, humour, tendresse et tolérance façonnent l'univers festif fantaisiste dans lequel Frieda, Soso et une vaste ménagerie d'animaux de toutes sortes s'épanouissent.

La série commence avec Frieda, qui, sans y être invitée, s'installe dans la maison de Soso… 

"Wowwie, Soso, I just got the greatest idea!"
"I’m not so sure, Frieda…"

Marveling at the wonders of their world. Savouring each and every moment. Tickling each other’s imagination. That is what fills the days of Frieda, the field mouse, and Soso, a tiny Chihuahua.

The friendship and stories of Soso and Frieda celebrate wonder, openness and kindness. The two eponymous characters and their friends sparkle with curiosity and joie de vivre. They take a refreshing, optimistic and constructive look at our world which at times, especially recently, may seem (and let's face it, perhaps) quite somber. Everything becomes beauty, nothing encourages reflection, discussion. Each problem has a solution, a solution that is probably creative but far-fetched. For this flock, the little things of everyday life serve as a pretext for crazy fun.

Enduring friendships, playfulness, humour, tenderness, and tolerance shape the whimsical festive universe in which Frieda, Soso and a vast menagerie of animals of all kinds flourish.

The series begins with Frieda, who uninvited, takes up residence in Soso’s house…


 Long métrage en anglais et français -  Feature in English and French

A tragicomic feature (in English with some French)

Logline—“There is nothing wrong with you; you’re just unhappy.”

 In Post-War Montreal, Liv, a young free-spirited Italo-Canadian woman who wishes to pursue a career as a Jazz singer sees her dreams crumble away when the artist whose marriage proposal she refuses convinces her to consult a psychiatrist. This meeting will have disastrous repercussions throughout her life. The story delves into the basic, universal need for recognition, and is set in a time when the women’s lib movement and the Quiet Revolution were reshaping Quebec’s patriarchal society. Liv is a tribute to human resilience. 

  Bits and Pieces 

 Long métrage en anglais - Feature in English
Feature dark comedy

Tagline: Curiosity killed the cat and it’s about to annihilate Frank.
As mainstream media spew consumerist propaganda, in a culture of high entitlement where technology bolsters digital narcissism, Frank, a socially inept superintendent who has metaphorically been digging his grave, succumbs once again to his curiosity and is about to meet his maker unless he confronts his prejudices and fear of rejection in order to find the woman who will save his life by loving him for who he is. Unfortunately, Frank is far from endearing and the clock is ticking. A multilayered outrageous spoof on the thriller genre.


Plan Zed

Long métrage en anglais et français - Feature in English and French

Tagline: Irony really bites.
Logline: After promoting the clear advantages of free love, Tom, a musician/sculptor, becomes infatuated with his roommate Juliette who ironically has adopted Tom’s way of life.

While skateboarding in one of the most free-spirited neighbourhoods in North America, Miles Mollino (25) a handsome bohemian musician/sculptor bumps into the fiery Isabelle Deschamps (23) an aspiring writer who has just stormed out of a dead-end relationship. Following their one-night stand, he convinces her to move in with him and his roommate and to liberate herself from the “chains of monogamy”.  Unfortunately, the unexpected happens, as Miles is falling in love with Isabelle, hunky and successful lawyer Bernard, her childhood friend, resurfaces and might just sweep her off her feet.

 hard-drinking, obsession and betrayal.