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The Harrowing - Long métrage en anglais  - Feature in English 
by Joseane Brunelle and Tristan Tondino - Script available

Tagline: Reality is like a broken mirror
Feature alternate reality thriller

Logline: It’s 1968. When Lilly Hudson is kidnapped from police officer Philip Chenneault’s home where she had taken refuge, Philip does the impossible to get her back into his world.

 North American East Coast, 1968, but it’s neither Canada nor the United States. It’s a whole other world. Philip Chennault, a young police officer returns home after saving a mother and daughter from drowning the night of a hurricane and finds his childhood sweetheart Lilly Hudson cowering in a closet. When the troubled woman disappears the following day, he is told by the Chief of police that she committed suicide while he was serving overseas. Still in love with Lilly, Philip begins to unravel the quiet seaside town’s harrowing secret involving cold cases and covert government experiments.

Liv- Long métrage en anglais et français -  Feature in English and French
by Joseane Brunelle - Script available

A tragicomic feature (in English with some French)
Logline—“There is nothing wrong with you; you’re just unhappy.”

 In Post-War Montreal, Liv, a young free-spirited Italo-Canadian woman who wishes to pursue a career as a Jazz singer sees her dreams crumble away when the artist whose marriage proposal she refuses convinces her to consult a psychiatrist. This meeting will have disastrous repercussions throughout her life. The story delves into the basic, universal need for recognition, and is set in a time when the women’s lib movement and the Quiet Revolution were reshaping Quebec’s patriarchal society. Liv is a tribute to human resilience. 

  Bits and Pieces - Long métrage en anglais - Feature in English
Script available

Feature dark comedy
Tagline: Curiosity killed the cat and it’s about to annihilate Frank.

As mainstream media spew consumerist propaganda, in a culture of high entitlement where technology bolsters digital narcissism, Frank, a socially inept superintendent who has metaphorically been digging his grave, succumbs once again to his curiosity and is about to meet his maker unless he confronts his prejudices and fear of rejection in order to find the woman who will save his life by loving him for who he is. Unfortunately, Frank is far from endearing and the clock is ticking. A multilayered outrageous spoof on the thriller genre.

  Elaine and Bill - Long métrage en anglais - Feature in English
Script available


Tagline: She slept his way to the top
Logline: The tumultuous marriage of Abstract Expressionist artists Elaine Fried-de Kooning and Willem de Kooning in New York’s culturally effervescent 1930s, 40s and 50s.

In the booming New York of the 1930s, 40s and 50s, Elaine Fried, a talented artist and brilliant wordsmith became a leading advocate of Abstract Expressionism, and one of the few involved in formulating the position of the pivotal movement; ambitious and a pioneer in her own right, she was nevertheless aware that women were marginalized by the art world; charming and promiscuous, she built and promoted the career of her husband, painter Bill de Kooning, through her many intellectual and sexual encounters with art dealers and art critics. An epic story of love, passion, adultery, hard-drinking, obsession and betrayal.


Plan B - Long métrage en anglais et français - Feature in English and French
Script available

Tagline: Irony really bites.
Logline: After promoting the clear advantages of free love, Tom, a musician/sculptor, becomes infatuated with his roommate Juliette who ironically has adopted Tom’s way of life.

While skateboarding in one of the most free-spirited neighbourhoods in North America, Miles Mollino (25) a handsome bohemian musician/sculptor bumps into the fiery Isabelle Deschamps (23) an aspiring writer who has just stormed out of a dead-end relationship. Following their one-night stand, he convinces her to move in with him and his roommate and to liberate herself from the “chains of monogamy”.  Unfortunately, the unexpected happens, as Miles is falling in love with Isabelle, hunky and successful lawyer Bernard, her childhood friend, resurfaces and might just sweep her off her feet.

 Art House - Long métrage en anglais - Feature in English and French 

avec - co-written with Brian Wright )
Script available

Tagline: Don’t put off ‘till tomorrow what you can regret today.

A ragtag crew of fairly unsuccessful artists, a trans woman carpenter, and one professional electrician try to renovate a Westmount mansion on a deadline while their boss - an ex-director, attempts to put his life back together after a special effect goes awry on his film set, seriously injuring his best friend.

  No Real Alternative - Long métrage en anglais - Feature in English
Script available

Tagline: Sometimes you just need a change.


  DH Omega - Long métrage en anglais - Feature in English
Script available

Tagline: If it’s too good to be true…

During a trip to Europe, a workaholic businessman and his girlfriend become entwined in a series of assassinations and a global bioterrorist attack.

  Compelled- Long métrage en anglais - Feature in English
Script available

Tagline: They can’t be stopped.
 When a bohemian woman contacts an estranged detective friend to investigate bizarre occurrences in the nearly vacant building where she and her seven-year-old son reside, she inadvertently pulls the detective into a nightmarish trap created by a malicious supernatural presence.

  All Exclusive- Long métrage en anglais - Feature in English
Script available

Tagline: The ultimate leave of absence

Margaret Benton decides to vacation with her new boyfriend, Brad Taylor in an all inclusive island resort in the tropics -  a well-deserved rest for a high strung workaholic about to burn out, turns into a nightmare.  

Leap of Faith - Long métrage en anglais - Feature in English

Script available

The life of interior decorator Sophie O’Neil is turned upside down when her husband has a psychotic break and disappears just after their honeymoon.

Fear: A Work of Art - Long métrage en anglais - Feature in English

Script available

TAGLINE: The art of fear!

When a widowed artist moves to the country to focus on her career as a sculptor, she inadvertently becomes embroiled in a psycho killer'swork of art.